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GitHub stats and basic information on the top serverless frameworks and tools.

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Framework Common Use Cases and Benefits Supported Runtimes Supported Cloud Providers Maintenance Status Community Links Open Source? Paid offering?
The Serverless Framework API Development, Integrations with cloud services, rich plugin ecosystem Node.js, Python, Java, Go, others, and custom* AWS, Azure, Tencent, and others* Actively maintained by by Serverless Inc. Slack, Forum Yes** Yes
AWS Amplify Serverless Backends for Frontend and Mobile Developers, well integrate with AWS services, compelling GraphQL story Several, but more focused on integrations with React, Vue, iOS, Android, and Flutter AWS Actively Maintained by AWS Discord, Gitter Yes** Yes**
AWS SAM API Development Node.js, Python, Go, others, and custom* AWS Actively Maintained by AWS Gitter Yes - Apache 2.0 No
Zappa Integrating Django, Flask, and WSGI Frameworks with AWS Lambda Python AWS Only semi-actively maintained if at all. Slack Yes - MIT No
Architect API Development Node, Deno, Ruby, Python AWS Actively Maintained by Begin Slack, Community Links Yes - Apache 2.0 Yes
AWS Chalice API Development, integrations with common AWS services Python AWS Actively Maintained by AWS Gitter Yes - Apache 2.0 No
Sparta Go Microservices Go AWS EOL, Formerly Maintained by Matt Weagle (AWS) None Yes - MIT None
Bref PHP Application Development on top of AWS Lambda PHP AWS Actively Maintained by None Yes - MIT Yes
Claudia JS API Development Node.js AWS No changes for some time. Kept here for historical purposes. Gitter Yes - MIT No
Apex API Development Golang, Node.js, Crystal AWS No Longer Maintained. Kept here for historical purposes. None Yes - MIT Yes
Serverless Stack (SST) Full Stack Serverless Development Node.js, Python, Java, Go, and others AWS Actively maintained. Discord Yes - MIT Sort of

*The Serverless Framework and AWS SAM support other runtimes and providers with various degrees of functionality. The Serverless Framework best supports AWS and Node.js or Python Lambda functions, but it remains a good tool for many different runtimes. AWS SAM similarly supports several different runtimes. Both frameworks also have options for building custom runtimes and more recently support for brining your own containers.

**Both AWS Amplify and the Serverless Framework have open source and commercial components. And they both require you to pay for services on a cloud provider like AWS. The Serverless Framework has MIT-licensed code for the Framework itself and an optional proprietary platform. AWS Amplify has Apache 2.0 licensed code and integrations with the proprietary parts of the AWS cloud.